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In two ways.

(1) Directly: In certain periods, such as the "Greek Revival" (1820s, I believe), Greek architecture was directly imitated.

(2) Indirectly - Greek architecture influenced Roman architecture, which influenced Renaissance architecture (apx 16th c.) and neo-Classical architecture (17-18th c.) in Europe, which had a world-wide influence. As in literature, philosophy, math, science, and so many areas, Greek civilization provides the basis of what comes afterward.

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Q: How did Greek architecture influence modern architecture?
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How did Greek civilization affected or influence the architecture of Greek?

Greek civilisation was not influenced by Greek architecture. Greek architecture was a product of Greek civilisation

How did greek architecture influence local architecture?

Greek architecture influenced local architecture in a few ways. This is because the Greeks started to use arches and a different way of building.

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How did the roman empire's government influence modern government today?

by its architecture

What is the influence of Greek architecture on modern architecture?

Greek architecture, one the earliest forms of architecture style. The Greek architects perfected and refined the use of columns, primarily in temples. There are three types of column styles based on the three main Greek Orders of architecture: Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian. These styles of column design and architecture were adapted by the Romans, and serve as the basis of everything known as Classical architecture today. The Greeks having the first true form of democracy which America would later adopt has a true influence on Americas Capital buildings. For example the White House and Capital Building have columns on the front, and Greek was known from their columns on there temples.

How did mathematical ideas influence ancient greek architecture?

yo MAMA :3

What structure in Washington most show is the influence of Greek architecture?

capital hill

How did Africa influence Greece?

Greek art and architecture developed from the Egyptian style.

How did the ancient Greek art influence the modern world today?

The Greek Art had incorporated various fields of life into one medium. It formed the base for providing guidlines to modern world in fields like medicine, mechanics, architecture, and social lifestyle.

How does greek mythology affect modern day society?

Modern day architecture such as pillars are like the ones from the temples in ancient greek

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