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Many Roman gods were direct copies of Greek gods simply renamed; as in Zeus becoming Jupiter, Hades becoming Pluto, etc.

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roman mythology is greek mythology but with different names The Romans built off of greek mythology

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Q: How did Greek mythology influence roman mythology?
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What civilization did Greek mythology influence?

First the Greek, later the Roman culture.

In Greek and Roman mythology who was the goddess of the hunt?

In Greek Mythology, Artemis Roman Mythology, Diana

Who is the roman and greek god of the lower world?

Greek Mythology - Hades Roman Mythology - Pluto

What is the counterpart of Neptune in Greek mythology?

In Greek mythology it is Poseidon and in roman mythology it is Neptune

Was Hera from Greek or Roman mythology?

Hera was from Greek mythology. Her Roman counterpart is Juno. But she's both

What has the author M A Dwight written?

M. A. Dwight has written: 'Grecian and Roman mythology for schools' -- subject(s): Classical Mythology 'Grecian and Roman mythology' -- subject(s): Greek Mythology, Roman Mythology 'Grecian and Roman mythology' -- subject(s): Classical Mythology, Greek Mythology, Roman Mythology

What is the name of greek and roman mythology grouped together?

Greco-Roman mythology.

What is the mythology behinde the giants in greek and roman mythology?

most giant and monsters in Greek and roman mythology are just things the gods created and then discarded.

What in Greek mythology is rome?

Greek mythology is about the ancient Greek gods. Rome was not an ancient Greek god.

What is the basis of Roman mythology?

Roman mythology is based on/borrowed from Greek mythology, using diffrent names.

What is the roman or greek mythology of panic?

The god of fear and panic in Greek Mythology was Phobos

Was Poseidon a Roman?

Poseidon in Greek mythology is the god of the Sea, but in Roman mythology, he is Neptune.