How did Paris kill Achilles?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He shot him in the Heel

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Q: How did Paris kill Achilles?
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How did Odysseus kill Achilles?

Odysseus did not kill Achilles. Paris killed Achilles.

Did Apollo kill Achilles?

He helped Paris aim his arrow at the heel of Achilles.

Why did Paris kill Achilles during the Trojan War?

because Achilles was a huge powerhouse for the Greeks as he was almost invincible also Achilles-killed his closest and most important brother Hector, whose last words were that Paris would kill Achilles

How do you kill Achilles?

Paris killed him by shooting at his heel, which was weak.

Why did Apollo kill Achilles?

There are different versions which show the death of Achilles. A famous myth tells that Paris show an arrow which Apollo guided into Achilles heel.

What achievements did Paris of Troy make during the Trojan War?

Paris managed to kill Achilles, the great warrior, by wounding his heel with an arrow. Achilles' heel was his only mortal point on his invulnerable body, which is where the saying 'Achilles' heel' comes from.

How long did it take to kill Achilles?

The death of Achilles, as predicted by Hector with his dying breath, was brought about by Paris with an arrow to the heel(Sometime, after the death of Hector).

Who killed Achilles and how did he kill him and what was his reasons?

Achilles was killed by Paris during the Trojan War. Paris was Helen of Troy's kidnapper whom was the woman who caused the Trojan War. Paris was described as to being a cowardly individual whom had no intentions of fighting and was why he used his arrows. He shot Achilles in the heel, that's where Achilles heel' came from. Some say that Apollo, whom was on the Trojan's side, assisted in directing the arrow. Paris probably most likely killed Achilles because Achilles was the Achaean's (Greeks) best fighter and to avenge his brother, Hector's, death.

What are the differences between Achilles and Paris?

Paris fought Trojan War for Love, but Achilles fought for glory and to leave a history.

Who did Paris shoot in the heel?


Who takes Achilles armor?


What happened to Hector Achilles Paris Patroclus and Agamemnon?

Patroclos killed in battle by Hector Hector killed in battle by Achilles Achilles killed in battle by Paris Paris killed in battle by Philoctetes Agamemnon killed by his wife Clytmnestra