How did Semele get to Olympus?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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She did not, Zeus came to her.

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Q: How did Semele get to Olympus?
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Who was Semele's son?

The son of semele is cronus

Who was semele's parents?

Semele's parents were Cadmus and Hormonia.

When was Semele - Handel - created?

Semele - Handel - was created in 1744.

What is the population of Radford Semele?

The population of Radford Semele is 2,034.

What kids did Semele have with Dionysus?

none semele and zeus were his parents and semele died when dionysus was in her so zeus took him out and put him in his thigh.

What was the name of the demi god who live on Mount Olympus?

Hercules is said to have become a god after his mortal death. Also, the only Olympian demigod was Dionysus; who was son of Zeus and Semele, who became the goddess Thyone.

What are some of Semele's strengths?

In the Greek myth of Dionysus, Semele was his mother and Zeus was his father. Semele's strengths were religious and spiritual in nature. She was worshipped as a demi-god.

What rhymes with Semele?

Some words that rhyme with Semele are belly, jelly, and smelly.

How many children did Semele Greek goddess have?

According to Legend, Dionysos was the son of Zeus and Semele.

Who was the mother of semele?


Who was dionysus related to?

Dionysus's mom was a mortal named semele. semele had a sister named agave. Dionysus father is Zeus

What was semele the goddess of?

she was the mortal mother