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The alchemists were the first chemists. But in addition to mixing chemicals, they also believed that magic would help with their experiments and formulas. It didn't. But their experiments led to the development of the science of chemistry.

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Alchemists try to solve the problem with magic and scientists use investigations and experiments to solve the problem

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Q: How did alchemists similar to and different from modern scientists?
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What is the difference between alchemists and scientists?

Alchemists practiced a combination of spiritual and mystical beliefs along with their experimental work, aiming to transform base metals into gold or finding the elixir of life. Scientists, on the other hand, follow the scientific method to systematically gather evidence and test hypotheses in order to understand the natural world and make predictions based on empirical data. While alchemy was a precursor to modern chemistry, it lacked the rigor and empirical basis of modern scientific inquiry.

How did the scientists from the alchemists?

The alchemists were the first chemists. But in addition to mixing chemicals, they also believed that magic would help with their experiments and formulas. It didn't. But their experiments led to the development of the science of chemistry.

Why don't we consider alchemists to be scientists?

Alchemists were considered more mystical and focused on transforming base metals into gold and achieving immortality through elixirs, rather than following the scientific method to systematically study the natural world. Additionally, alchemy often involved a spiritual or philosophical aspect that is not typically associated with modern scientific practices.

What did alchemists find out about the atom?

Alchemists did not discover the atom as we understand it today. They had philosophical interpretations of matter and transformations that were not based on scientific evidence or modern atomic theory. The concept of the atom emerged later through the work of scientists like John Dalton in the early 19th century.

Are alchemists real?

Alchemists study and practice Alchemy which is considered a protoscience. While Alchemists are real people with a real purpose, the field they practice has not been proven real, as yet, by scientific protocol. Using a loose definition, you could call chemists modern alchemists. But there were real alchemists who's main goal was to change one substance into another, usually this a cheap metal, like lead, into gold. Though the methods were primitive, the concepts are considered important work towards modern chemistry.

What is the name of the modern atomic model and is it similar and different from the Bohr model?

The modern model of atom is quantic and is different from the Bohr model.

Do they have laboratories in the 1600s?

Yes, laboratories did exist in the 1600s. They were primarily used by alchemists and early scientists for experiments and research in fields such as chemistry, biology, and physics. These laboratories were not as advanced as modern ones, but they played a crucial role in the development of scientific knowledge during that time.

Why are Arab alchemists considered the founders of modern chemistry?

Some islamic alchemists are: Jabir ibn Hayyan, Al-Tughrai, Khalid ibn Yazid, Abu Bakr al Razi, Ibn Umayl etc.

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Why were alchemists important?

Alchemists were important because they laid the foundation for modern chemistry by exploring the properties of various substances and developing techniques for working with metals and minerals. They also contributed to the advancement of scientific knowledge by experimenting with different substances in search of ways to transmute base metals into gold and discover the elixir of life.

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