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it spread the religion of budhism to china which was spread to Korea and then Japan

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Q: How did cultural diffusion take place in India?
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Where did cultural diffusion take place?


How cultural diffusion occur?

Televisions and the internet are making cultural diffusion take place more rapidly than ever before. I hope i helped :)

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How cultural diffusion take place?

People have been exposed to other cultures through trade, migration, and conquest. Today, television, the internet, and movies spread cultural ideas faster than ever.

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How does cultural duffusion take place?

Cultural diffusion occurs when ideas, practices, or beliefs are spread from one culture to another through contact, trade, migration, or technology exchange. This process can result in the blending of different cultural elements and the formation of new cultural practices and norms.

How does cultural diffusion occur?

Cultural diffusion occurs when cultural elements, such as ideas, beliefs, practices, or technologies, spread from one society to another through contact and interaction. This can happen through trade, migration, conquest, or technology transfer. As cultures come into contact with each other, they often adopt and incorporate aspects of one another into their own traditions, leading to a blending and sharing of cultural elements.

What are five examples of cultural diffusion in Hinduism?

Hinduism originated in India thousands of years ago. Some examples of Hinduism include belief in one Supreme Being, promote tolerance, pursue moral order and right action, Hindus take pilgrimages to holy sites, and celebrate holy festivals throughout the year. Hindus believe time is cyclical.

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P.I.S.O.- Potassium in Sodium out facilitated diffusion, active transport , and passive transport and simple diffusion.

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if the temp is higher then diffusion take place faster

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