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i think it was to preserve the body for a longer time. however im not totally sure.

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The Nile river was abundant with natron salt and they would take it from there and use it in the mummifcation process to dry out the body

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they just knew it mentally

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Q: How did egyptins gather natron to mummify mummies?
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What kind of salt did the embalmers use to dry out mummies?

Egyptians used Natron Salt to mummify stuff

What chemicals did the Egyptians mummify with?

natron salt

Chemicals used to preserve mummies?

==i dont' get you

How has natron been used?

In ancient Egypt they used natron to dry out the mummies. Natron was what they put on the mummies skin for 40 days so that the body wouldn't rot.

What chemical was used in embalming mummies?


Did natron go in the mummies body?


Chemical use to embalm the organs in mummies?


What did The Ancient Egyptians used to preserve mummies.?


If Egyptian mummies were covered entirely in natron how did they take it out after the 40 days?

they just dumped the natron off

What Mummies Were Perserved By?

Natron, a salt which dried out the body and ended putrification.

What the chemical called in ancient Egypt for mummies?

Natron, a type of salt.

What was the chemical that was used to enbalm the organs of mummys?

Natron was used on mummies.