How did kronos die?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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he never died

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Q: How did kronos die?
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Does Kronos die?


What day did kronos die?

he did not die he was immortal

Did ouranos die?

Ouranos did die because Kronos killed him and he is trapped in Tartarus

How did Zeus become king of the gods after Kronos died?

Kronos did not die. Zeus and his siblings dethroned him and sent him to the underworld. They then divided the powers between them.

How will Lord Kronos die in the last book of the lightning thief series?

Lord Kronos dies when Luke takes control of his body and uses a knife to kill himself so that Kronos cannot take control of Mt. Olympus.

Is it Cronus or Kronos?


Does the god cronus have a weakness?

Yes, Kronos does if you stab him in the right place he would die

Who is taller kronos or Zeus?


What are some character traits for Kronos in the Percy Jackson series?

evil he put himself in lukes body and tryed to destroy luke. kronos has gold eyes and if he is in his true form and you look at him you wiil die. luke killed himself and kronos by stabbing his archillis spot.

Did luke die in Percy Jackson movie?

Yes he does,in book 5,The last olympain,he sacarafises himself to destroy kronos. How he died is,luke grabbed annabeth's knife and stabbed himself and killing him and kronos since kronos is in lukes body.

Does Annabeth die at the end of the Last Olympian?

No because Luke killed himself to stop Kronos.

Who is Percy jakson's grandfather?