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Obelisks affected Egyptian society becasue: people had to work on it and I am so sexy, I was placed in an obelisk and everyone bowed to my sexiness.

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Q: How did obelisks affect Egyptian society?
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What Egyptian kingdom did obelisks come from?


What Material are obelisks made out of?

Ancient Egyptian obelisks are made of basalt or granite, but the Egyptians favored granite.

What Are tall thin pillars with pyramid-shaped tops?

They are called Obelisks. The Egyptian Obelisks are associated with the sun god Re.

What has the author Erik Iversen written?

Erik Iversen has written: 'Obelisks in exile' -- subject(s): Obelisks 'Two inscriptions concerning private donations to temples' -- subject(s): Egyptian Inscriptions, Inscriptions, Egyptian, Religion

Why are Egyptians obelisks considered one of the most amazing architectural feats ever achieved?

egyptian obelisks are considered one of the most amazing architectural feats ever achieved because obelisks need alot of planning and advanced technology and knowledge of geometry to be made

What is cleopatra's needle?

Cleopatra's Needle is the name given to the three Egyptian obelisks found in the cities of London, France, and New York City. They were brought to these cities during the 19th centuries. These obelisks were originally from Luxor.

What huge objects made of granite did Hatshepsut have bbuilt during her reign as pharaoh?

Obelisks.Hatshepsut means Foremost of Noble Ladies is one of the most victorious pharaohs. Her two notable accomplishment were the Hatshepsut needle or granite obelisks and the granite sphinx statue.

What is a website where you can find a Egyptian society pyramid?

egyptian society .com

When was Egyptian Geographic Society created?

Egyptian Geographic Society was created in 1875.

How did the development of Egyptian society affect their art?

Because most of their art included animals or pharoahs, which they belived to be their Gods.

How did agriculture contribute to the development of Egyptian society?

How did agriculture contribute to the development of Egyptian society?

What do people write on the side of Egyptian obelisks?

they write what the pharaoh is like for example:Bastet-joyful,dancing,singing,nice,gives chances,and trades.