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Back then, the workers who were summoned either work or die. Period.

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Q: How did pharaohs get enough workers to build pyramids?
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How did pharaohs get enough money to build pyramids?


Why were Pyramid's build?

Pyramids were built as tombs for pharaohs.

What did the pharaohs build to record their deeds?

temples and pyramids.

Which pharaoh ordered his workers to build the pyramids?

A number pharaohs from the 3rd Dynasty king Djoser (c.2650BC) who had the step pyramid built at Saqqara until the end of the Middle kingdom c.1550BC. The book The "Complete Pyramids" by Mark Lehar gives a comprehensive list of Pharaohs, their pyramids and locations.

Why did the people of Egypt build the pyramids?

It was the Pharaohs home for the afterlife.

Why did the pharaohs build pyramids?

For shelter and for there kings as a gift.The Pharaohs had pyramids built as burial monuments. It is thought that they believed they precise location and structure of the pyramids would provide a direct pathway to the heavens.Why did pharaohs build pyramids? They believed they would rule the land after their death.

Why did Egyptians build the pyramids for their pharaohs?

They built the pyramids to house their kings and to give them everlasting life (or sustinence in the life after death). The workers who did the construction were mostly slaves. They were directed to work by their masters.

What did later pharaohs build instead of pyramids?

under ground chambers

What did the later pharaohs build instead of pyramids?

under ground chambers

Why did acient egypt build pyramids?

Ancient Egyptians built pyramids in order to bury the pharaohs and their queens.

Why did the pharaohs build great temples and pyramids in acint Egypt?

Pharaohs built great temples and pyramids so when past they would have a place to lay rest or be remembered by.

Why did egyptians of old kingdom design pyramids?

They build them as burial chambers for the Pharaohs.