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Q: How did the Greek and Roman governments demonstrate the values of justice morality and equality?
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What qualities does the Greek god Nemesis have?

Nemesis was goddess of Revenge, Justice, and Equality. You know when you see those statues of women who are blindfolded, holding a set of scales in one hand and a sword in the other? That's her. She's often seen by Capitol buildings, or other places related to Justice, such as courts. Sometimes she and Athena are combined into one goddess named Eureka. Her name now is a term for "Enemy." A minor goddess, not one of the 12 Olympians.

What are facts about Ma 'at?

1. She was married to Thoth and Tehuti2. She had eight children with Thoth because becoming intimate3. Her favorite child was Amon4. She was the goddess of balance, order,law,truth,justice, and morality.5. She wore an ostrich feather for her headdress6. She would lay a ostrich feather on the dead ones'7. He father was Ra the sun god8. She had no mother that was recorded

Who is Themis?

Themis is the ancient Greek Titan Goddess of Divine Law and Order. She is usually depicted wearing a blindfold and carrying a set of scales. She first instructed mankind in the primal laws of justice and morality. In ancient Egypt, she was know as Ma'at and was depicted carrying a sword and had a peacock feather in her hair. Instead of scales. In ancient Rome, she was known as the goddess Justinia. Here she was usually shown with the blindfold, scales and a sword, though sometimes she carried a faces (a bundle of rods around an ax, symbolizing justice) and a flame in the other (symbolizing truth).

Why was the goddess of justice depicted as blindfolded?

To show nothing would influence her as her vision could not become clouded, so her justice was always fair.

Where does the name Justin come from?

From the Latin name Iustinus meaning Justice.