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The first pyramids, built around 2900 BCE, were little more than mudbrick structures built over the burial pits of nobles. These structures protected the body from exposure and also provided a secure place for the personal belongings of the dead noble. The familiar stone pyramids were built from about 2600 BCE and continued for several centuries.

The labour appears to have been supplied by Egyptian peasants during the winter season, when there was little farm work to be performed. The early Egyptians had not invented the wheel, but probably used rollers to help move the great stones to the site and up ramps, into position.

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They cut big limestone blocks with copper chisels and saws. Gangs of men dragged them to the pyramid site and pushed the first layer of stones into place. Next, they built long ramps of earth and brick to drag up the next layer of stones. They continued this process until they made it to the top. Finally, they covered the pyramid with an outer coating of white casing stones.

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they used geometry, they used a tool similar to the protractor to create right angles; astronomy

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to build pyramids

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Q: How did the ancient Egyptians use geomerty?
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