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Small change was carried in their cheek pouches. One of Aristophanes' comedies (The Wasps) has the females of the household french kissing grandpa when he gets back from serving on a jury to try to hook out the small silver (3 obol) coin which was his day's pay.

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Q: How did the ancient Greeks carry their money?
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How did the ancient Greeks make money?

the ancient greeks made money by trading food and taxes

How did ancient Greeks pay?

With Greeken Money.

What did ancient Greeks do to their money when they died?

Buried it

What did the ancient Greeks use their coins for?

Same way we do. Money.

Did ancient Greeks use money?

Yes. They used drachmas.

How would ancient Greeks get money?

Through agriculture, mining and trade.

What country first used money?

The first currency was used in Ancient Greece by the Greeks.

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no they swallowed all of ther money and when they needed it they used the bathroom

Did the ancient Greeks create poetry?

Yes, ancient Greeks did.

What did the ancient Greeks draw with?

Did ancient Greeks drw for there communtion

How did ancient Egyptians in the middle class carry their money or debin?

they had like "sacos"where they hide their money.

Were ancient Greeks Roman cathic?

No, the ancient Greeks were pantheistic. they worshiped many gods and goddesses.