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Grain was stored in grain silos, not that different from how grain is still stored today, it simply needs to be kept cool and dry

Fruits and other vegetables were either eaten immediately or made into preserves of sugar and salt or pickled in vinegar for long term storage. In the growing seasons it could just be left on the vine until needed.

Meats and fish that weren't immediately consumed were either smoked, salted, or dried into jerky.

Underground cellars and natural caves were often used as storage areas since their ambient temperatures are lower than above ground; and though not nearly as effective as refrigeration it was still helpful in extending food storage limitations

Some foods were also simply allowed to grow mold. Moldy cheese or moldy pickling jars would simply have the mold cut off or scooped out and than the rest of the food beneath the mold would be consumed

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The ancient Egyptians store their food was by putting their food in a basket and put it were they can find it when they need.

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The ancient Greeks stored their food inside of massive jars. They placed their food in the coldest parts of their residences in order to keep the food and beverages cool.

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In refrigeration and in storage jars

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Q: How did the ancient Greeks store their food?
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