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fate is the belief that someone or something (usually a god) is in control of your destiny. to the ancient Greeks, fate was very important. they thought that their actions and behaviour would affect their fate, but ultimatley they cannot escape it. for example in Aeschylus' Agamemnon, it is said that as soon as Agamemnon steps on the tapestries, his fate is sealed because he has offended the gods.fate does not mean anything at all its just in people minds.

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Ode IV of Antigone is a perfect example of how the Greeks viewed fate.

The ode's perspective on Fate and Destiny (relatively the same thing) is that it will do what it will do and nothing may stand in its way.

The Chorus in Ode IV -

"O child, child,

No power in wealth or war

Or tough sea-blackened ships

Can prevail against untiring destiny!"

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Q: How did the ancient Greeks view fate?
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