How did the crow tribe survive?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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More than 8,000 Crow people live in modern towns and rural communities on the Crow reservation - others live away from reservation land. Many Crow adults work as farmers or ranchers; many work for the tribal government in health care, education, social work, the tribal police and so on; the children and teenagers go to schools such as The Little Bighorn Community College and high schools at Pryor and Lodge Grass; some people work for mining companies on Crow land; others are employed as farm hands, cowboys and waitresses in nearby Hardin.

Many tribal traditions and ceremonies survive and the Crow language currently has around 4.500 speakers - it is taught in the tribe's schools so young people are able to learn it along with American English. Sport, particularly Basketball, is a favourite of Crow youngsters.

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The Crow Tribe is alive and well and over 11,000 strong. Their reservation is in Montana. Over 75% of their people still speak their native Crow language as a first language. Crow history dates back to the early 1400s, when they were originally part of the Hidatsa tribe. You can find an outline of their history and culture at the links provided below:

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by eating

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Q: How did the crow tribe survive?
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