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Q: How did the features that characterized the great river-valley civilization begin to emerge in other environments in the second millennium BCE?
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What innovations were made in this civilization?

durin the 6th millennium

When did the Phoenician civilization develop?

In the First Millennium BCE.

When did the Mesopotamia civilization start?

the oldest recorded civilization in the area of Mesopotamia started during the Sumerian Civilization in the 6th millennium BC

Mayan civilization flourished in this central American country during the first millennium AD?


What were the first people to civilize in Mesopotamia?

Probably the Sumerian who created their civilization in the 6th millennium BC

Did the Axum civilization exist the same time a Carthaginian empire?

Carthage was terminated in 146 BCE. Axum was from early in the following millennium.

What has the author Gerald Sykes written?

Gerald Sykes has written: 'The children of light' 'The cool millennium' -- subject(s): Modern Civilization

What was the name of the ancient civilization of central America that built great cities but later abandoned them?

The Mayan civilization. But it wasnt an ancient civ. Their empire flourished in the 1st millennium AD (200 - 900 AD)

When did civilization in Sumer end?

According to what artifacts and records we have from that time, the general consensus amongst historians and scholars is that the Sumerian civilization was around until about the early 2nd millennium BCE when the Babylonians rose into power.

Who was in charge of samurais?

Legally speaking, all Samurai answered to the Japanese imperial household, whoever was in power, although in reality, for the second millennium of Japanese history, the real power was held by the Shogun. Japanese history can be broadly divided into two periods; a golden age that lasted for a full millennium, from the Yamato period which ended during the dawn of the Sengoku (warring states) period, to the second millennium which was characterized by war. The second millennium of Japanese history, is generally divided into the warring states era, the Toyotomi era, and finally the period of Japanese modernization characterized by the Meiji and Showa eras.

Who were the Minoans defeated in the Aegean region?

Flourishing from the 3rd to the middle of the 2nd millennium BC/BCE, the Minoan people resided on the island of Crete in the Eastern Mediterranean Basin and are characterized as a Bronze Age mercantile civilization. Their civilizational origins and development period (i.e., pre-3rd millennium) extend back several thousand years, with archaeological evidence suggesting the presence of humans on Crete many thousands of years even further back in time.

Where was marijuana discoverd?

In the 3rd millennium BC (3000 BC). That was about 5000 years ago in the Bronze age when civilization was becoming more advanced.

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