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Exodus chapter 14 describes how the pharaoh and all his men and chariots pursued after the fleeing Israelites across the Red Sea. Moses raised his staff, and the waters returned, killing the pharaoh and his entire army. It is worth noting that every pharaoh of the late Bronze Age, the relevant period, has been accounted for, creating problems for identifying the pharaoh of the Exodus.

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King Tutankhamen died when he was 18 by a jealous peasant. The peasant killed him with an Egyptian mace, by getting hit in the head with it.

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He died by the 3 king killed him

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she died of infection

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Q: How did the pharaoh Tutankhaman die?
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Why was Tutankhaman given a humble burial although a Pharaoh?

1. Tutankhaman's death was sudden. 2. A burial for the Pharaoh was not ready. 3.A burial for some senior official was being prepared & used for the Pharaoh instead.

Who was tutankhaman related to?


How did King Tutankhamun actually die video?

king tutankhaman died from an infected broken leg hunting....

How long did tutankhaman?

18 years!

When was king tutankhaman born?

1341 BC

How long did tutankhaman live?

18 years!

How long can a pharaoh can be pharaoh?

until they die XL

How long does a pharaoh remain a pharaoh?

Until they are overthrown or die.

Did Cleopatra die while she was pharaoh?

Yes, Cleo died when she was a Pharaoh. she was the last Pharaoh of Egypt.

When did tutankhaman rule Egypt?

18th dynasty or New Kingdom

Who found tutankhaman?

Howard Carter, who was funded by Lord Caenarvon.

Is king tutankhaman still alive?

heck no he died thousands of years ago