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Q: How did we find out that catal huyuk was built on a marshy land?
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Who built the first houses?

There are no records about this subject. The first human house should be assumed that it is was a cave, thus it was built by the nature, not by a human being. Afterwards, and along the time, the first habitation has been slowly developed by the man, containing roof and walls.It is not known who invented houses.The first form of houses were built before humankind could write, so there are no records of who built the first.We do not know since the first shelters were made by our ancient ancestors before history was written. Besides homes in caves, the first pit houses were built more than 4,100 years ago in the area of Arizona where I live. I am sure there are similar occupations in other places.Nobody knows for certain -- humans have always tried to find ways to get out of the weather, and have used natural shelters like caves and trees, or have built shelters like huts or teepees or houses.

How was Chan Bahlum's rule similar to that of his father Pacal II?

both ruling in the same place and the same time and enlarging the temples they had built since a long time ago j.k. find the answer yourself lazy asses.

What types of art could be found ancient Greece?

the art you could find in ancient Greece are mostly about there culture,gods,lessons,myths,wars,and more

What might you find in a Aztec codex?

you can find it at a store lol jk you can find it in bark or animals skins

Were the Romans the first to built sewers?

It is estimated that Roman Sewers were invented between 800 and 735 BC. The open channel Cloaca Maxima is guessed to be built sometime between the sixth and fourth century BC. It was built to drain the low lying land that was in the Forum. From the Cloaca Maxima, a network of sewers was gradually built. Most Roman sewers emptied into the Tiber and were for draining water above and below ground. Waste from people was thrown into the street and most was swept into this network of sewers with aqueduct water.My source is the Wickipedia article called Sanitation in Ancient Rome. You can find out much more there if this didn't fully answer your question.

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What evidence can we find in the discoveries of Jericho and catal huyuk that show us these towns are starting to advance past the changes of the neolithic revolution?

is that they had different relationship

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What does he Leaning Tower of Pisa look like?

the leaning tower of Pisa is made of marble and is sinking into the ground. the tower was built on marshy land and has been sinking for hundreds of years. when you are standing in front of it, it is over whelming. if you use a search engine and hit image search, you should be able to find a picture easily. ciao!

Which region witness earliest urban settlement?

The earliest urban settlement is believed to have developed in ancient Mesopotamia, located in present-day Iraq and parts of Iran. The cities of Ur, Uruk, and Babylon in this region date back to around 4000 BCE and are considered some of the earliest known urban centers in history.

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you can find pictures of the first roller coaster ever built, in google.

Did the Americans find Nuclear weapons?

Find no, built yes.

Where can you find stilt houses in India?

Stilt houses are found in places that get heavy rainfall to avoid flooding of houses. The area around the house is normally wet, marshy land. We may find stilt houses in Arunachal Pradesh .

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I walk around in marshy/wet areas or pounds with a bucket and put the frogs in the bucket. It is realy fun if you get about 5 friends to help you. In a average day i find about 5 frogs somtimes a couple toads and if 5 friends help I find 15 to 20.

When was the chenonceau castle built?

The current day one was built in 1512 but there was one built before that was torched in 1412 but i can not find the date in which the original was built.

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if you look on some other site, you'll find a mature answer just saying.. :-)