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get surgery...

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Q: How do you cure Achilles's heel injury?
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How do you cure archilles heel injury?

You don't, you die from it.

Is heel a homophone for cure?

Heel is a homophone for heal. Heal is a synonym for cure.

What is a homophone for cure?

The word cure doesn't have a homophone. Heal is another word for cure, and its homophone is heel

What is the difference between heal and heel?

A heel is a heel to a shoe, sometimes applied to other items that look similar to a foot and has an area like that. Heal is how the body is repaired when it gets an injury, the injury heals up.

What are synonyms of cure and rhymes with a part of a foot?


How do you cure a leg if it has an injury?

depends on the injury, there are many ways to injure your legs. Is there a certain place on your leg it hurts? Is it a muscle or bone? The cure depends on the injury

Great fighter received injury to his heel greek myths?


Why did Cody Rhodes turn heel?

Hardcore Holly is out w/ an injury.

How does acquired brain injury affect the family?

Describe how acquired brain injury can affect the family.

What kind of doctor should i see with a high heel injury?

If the injury is to your foot you will want to seek out a podiatrist. That would be a doctor that specializes in foot injuries.

A substance that is used to cure or treat an illness or injury is called a?


Why do shoes have heals on them?

To guide your foot through your stride by causing you to heelstrike. Our body's were made to strike with the fore foot first not the heel and striking with the heel can cause knee, hip or back injury