How does Jason betray Medea?

Updated: 8/19/2023
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Jason leaves Medea to marry the princess of Corinth.

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He did not repay her very well. He abandoned her and cut all connections to her when he became king.

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Q: How does Jason betray Medea?
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What Happend to Medea after she killed the princess that was married to Jason?

After Medea killed the princess that was married to Jason, she was married with Jason. One day, Medea and Jason were at the beach and a ship timber fell on Medea's head. Then Medea died.

Why did medea fall in love with Jason?

Medea was made to fall in love with Jason by Aphrodite

Is Jason Medea's husband?

Well the story goes is that Medea betrayed her father for Jason, but Jason didn't like Medea so ran away from her, but yeah he WAS married to her.

Why was medea famous for?

Medea was famous because her love for Jason caused her to commit treacherous deeds. For Jason, Medea betrayed her own people, then turned on Jason himself when he declared that he was leaving Medea to marry the princess.

What does the name Medea mean?

The name Medea came from the mythology princess Medea and her husband Jason

Who was Jason's lover?

Medea .

Who was Jason's jiltee?


Who was Medea's spouse?


What was the name of Jason's of the woman Jason jilted?


Why and how does Medea punish Jason?

She kills his new bride, Glauce, and then her (Medea's) own and Jason's children, Mermerus and Pheres.

What was Medea's quest?

Medea's assists Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece. In order to wrest his throne from his uncle, he was compelled to attempt the quest. In exchange for Medea's assistance, Jason promises to marry her. Although Jason has two sons with Medea, he abandons her for King Creon's daughter.

How did Medea feel when Jason selected a new bride?

After all Medea had done for Jason, she obviously felt betrayed and angry.