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Do you think the oracle’s prophecy to Acrisius will come true? Why or why not?

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Do you think the oracle’s prophecy to Acrisius will come true? Why or why not?

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The prophecy of Acrisius' death had come true because he was killed by a discus that Perseus had thrown. Perseus had foreseen this.

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Q: How does the prophecy of Acrisius' death come true?
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What conflict does Macbeth experience after he hears the witches prophecy?

Macbeth experiences mental physical and emotional conflict after he hears the prophesy

What is self fulfilling prophecy?

A self fulfilling prophecy is a prophecy that a person causes to come true because of their strong belief that it will.

What conflict rages in Macbeth after he hears the witches' prophecy?

The conflict that rages in Macbeth after he hears the witches prophecy is if he has to take some action to make the prediction true or if it's all up to fate. When he hears Duncan say that Malcolm is to become the next king he knows he has to take action for the prophecy to come true.

Why are Jocasta and Oedipus happy to hear about Polybus' death in 'Oedipus Rex'?

That Polybus dies of illness and old age and not at Oedipus' hands and that all prophecies may not come true are the reasons why the Theban royal couple, Jocasta and Oedipus, are happy to hear about the death of Oedipus' presumed father.Specifically, years before the action of the play, Oedipus hears a prophecy that he will kill his father and marry his mother. He is so horrified by the prospect and so frightened by the prophecy being carried out that he runs away from home. That he was no where near Polybus at the time of the latter's death give Oedipus and Jocasta hope that the rest of the prophecy will not come true either.

How can knowing the prophecy affect Percy Jackson's choices?

It really can't. People think you can change them, but if its a real prophecy, it will come true one way or another. If it's just rumored, then it's to scare the people in the prophecy.

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portions of jeremiah's prophecy are similar to psalm 100. true

Is it possible to put an end to a prophecy?

AnswerIs it possible to cause a prophecy not to come true? Of course. Actually, many biblical prophecies have never come true. Or as some Christians assert, have not yet occurred. So, if you think something has been prophesied but has not yet occurred, perhpas it never will. In any case, you can simply remove the context in which it could occur, and then you know it will never occur.AnswerFor true prophecies, not completely. The prophecy that is fulfilled always remains exactly that - fulfilled prophecy. Others are still pending or may be in the process of being fulfilled.

What conflict rages Macbeth after he hears the witches prophecy?

The conflict that rages in Macbeth after he hears the prophecy from the witches is whether he needs to do something to make the prophecy come true or if fate will simply take of it. He also has a lust for power and needs to take out Duncan but he is torn as how to do it.

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What is the difference between a prophecy and a prediction?

A prophecy is a prediction made from alleged divine inspiration or divine revelation.Answer:They are basically the same. A prophecy is a "prediction" made by God and spoken through a chosen person. The only difference is between a prediction made by a man and a prediction of God. A prediction made by man is just a "guess" and may not come true. Whereas a prediction of God is given from His foreknowledge of future events and will come true.

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