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  1. the both believed in gods
  2. had gold
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An eagle was the king of the gods (Zeus) symbol and we still use eagles as symbols in modern architecture. We use round columns in modern architecture and if you look at pictures of the Parthenon, round columns are used in the design.

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Architecture in ancient Greece is very important to the greek god Sylvie. She is a very smart and organized god that id marries to vanya

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Greek and Roman architecture both were readopted during the Renaissance period. Doric columns and the grand opulence of Ancient temples were used during the Renaissance.

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Q: How has Greek architecture influenced modern architecture?
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How was modern day architecture was influenced by early Egyptian architecture?

it was NT

How does greek architecture influence us today?

Greek civilisation was not influenced by Greek architecture. Greek architecture was a product of Greek civilisation

What was one of the most important contributions of the greek city states of Athens?

Together with the rest of the Greek world, it passed on architecture, art, the arts, language which have influenced modern society.

How did greek architecture influence local architecture?

Greek architecture influenced local architecture in a few ways. This is because the Greeks started to use arches and a different way of building.

What is one way that Greek architecture influenced modern buildings?

The use of pillars to hold up the roofs of facades of buildings, with three types - Ionic, Corinthian and Doric styles.

What was the Roman architecture was heavily influenced by?

The Greek styles of columns - Ionian, Doric, Corinthian.

Why does the US have Greek architecture?

Because Greece was the center of higher learning and influenced ALL societies!

What are some ways the Romans influenced modern civilization?

In modern architecture (ie Washington DC), in government/politics, and in philosophy.

How has art influenced architecture?

The Renaissance influenced architecture and art.

How does the western world emulate greek architecture?

Greek architecture has effected modern architecture in many, many ways. They have given us columns. For example, look at the Alberta legislative buildings, It has corinthian columns.

What is the similarities between ancient Greek architecture and modern day architecture?

Both ancient Greek architecture and modern architecture emphasize the use of columns for structural support. Both styles also prioritize creating harmony and balance in design, often incorporating elements of symmetry and proportion. Additionally, both ancient Greek and modern architecture place importance on creating buildings that are functional and serve a specific purpose.

How has ancient Egyptian architecture influenced modern day architecture?

The question of how architecture of such antiquity has influenced modern architecture is more one of evolution than direct influence, although in parts of the middle east a more direct influence can be seen in the modern buildings of today, with a distinct regional style that one would not see in the west, normally. Essentially architecture, like all art and technology, has evolved over the centuries: Egyptian architecture influenced Greek; Greek influenced Roman; Roman produced the basis of classical architecture which still forms the basis of proportion and scale still seen in much of architecture today. However, there are very many other influences, including less formal styles of architecture, in particular regional 'vernacular' characteristics. These are seen more in less 'designed' buildings, but have also crept into formalised architecture since the Victorian period, most particularly in the Arts and Crafts movement - Lutyens, Morris et al. It is also important to note that true modernist architecture - that seen since the early 20th century, doesn't conform to many of the accepted architectural rules of proportion and rhythm which resulted from classical architecture. I am not an Architect, so perhaps a proper Architect out there can add to this, and/or correct if I'm wrong in anyway.