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Q: How is a cat adapted for a life as a predator?
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Is a cat adapted to life as a predator?

Yes. That is why it can hunt and why it's a carnivore.

How are cats adapted to life as a predator?

it actually descended from a type of saber tooth tiger. i don't remember what its called but i remember what its name means. its name means "fake cat".

How is a household cat adapted for life as a predators?

They have sharp claws and teeth

What is a main predator of a fisher-cat?

the main predator of a fisher cat is another fisher cat

What relationship exists between that cat and the mouse?

The cat is the predator and the mouse is the prey.

Are house Cat's a predator of a hedgehog?


What is the organism that is devoured by a predator?

a cat.

Is a cat a predator for a lizard?


Who is a cat predator?

payton. l

A cat is last in a food chain what is it?


How is the lion adapted to be a predator?

the lion has a cell phone technology that detects the prey.

What is a predator pray relationship?

If the predator helps the prey, like a mother dog nursing a cat.