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It lasted 3000 years.

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Q: How long did the Ancient Egyptian Civilization last?
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How long did the the Egyptian civilization last?

The Egyptian empire lasted 3,000 years.

How long ancient African civilization in power for?

One Ancient African Civilization was Ancient Egypt. Egyptian civilization came together around 3150 BC, and it reached its peak in the New Kingdom, which was 1550-1069 BC.

How long did the ancient pueblo civilization last?

about 10000 years

How long did the ancient Egyptian afterlife last?

the answer is 50 to 100 thousand years

How long dd the civilization of ancient Egypt last?

1 hour 2 minutes and 12.3 seconds

Why did Egyptian civilization last so long?

Because the Egyptians forced everyone to convert to Christianity and killed anyone who refused. This answer is completely false. Don't ever use this answer.

How long were the ancient egyptians a civilization?

Thousands of years.

What is the first country to be found?

The first country to be identified is often considered to be Egypt, due to its long history of civilization and governance. The ancient Egyptian Empire is one of the earliest recorded civilizations in history.

How long did nephthys live for?

Nephthys is a immortal Egyptian goddess, who can not die in Ancient Egyptian religion.

How long did ancient Egyptian artisans live?

In Egypt of course!

When did the Egyptian civilization end?

Ancient Egypt came under the control of several other empires off & on at various times during its long history, but the "official" end came with the death of Cleopatra VII Thea Philopator (THE Cleopatra) in 30 BCE...

How long did Isis Live?

Isis, a ancient Egyptian goddess, was immortal. She is never told to have died in Egyptian myth.