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It is unknown how many people died creating the Statue of Zeus at Olympia if any did. It was made by the sculptor Phidias around 435 BC.

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It took 1 hard working man named Phidias 7 years!!

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Q: How many people did it take to build the statue of Zeus?
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Where is statue of Zeus at Olympia?

Sadly Fidias' Zeus statue was destroyed many centuries ago. It was in the Zeus temple at Olympia, of course.

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How many years did the statue of Zeus a Olympia stand for?

It is believed to have stood for 827 years.

How are the Mayan pyramids and the statue of Zeus alike?

the statue of Zeus and the Mayan pyramids are alike because they were both man made and they were both built to please their gods they are both world wonders except the statue of Zeus is a new world wonder and the Mayan pyramid is an old world wonder these two wonders also have many difference's like the Mayan pyramids is still standing but the statue of Zeus disappeared in 462a.d when it was destroyed by fire in Istanbul, turkey

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