How many years did Khafre live?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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23 years

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Q: How many years did Khafre live?
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How many rooms are in Khafre's pyramid?

30 rooms in Khafre's pyramid.

How long did it take to build Khafre at Giza?

it took 20 to 25 years to build the pyramid khafre at Giza

Do i write khafre or pharaoh khafre?

Depends. When we say his name we say "Khafre" but if it's for a project "Pharaoh Khafre". ;)

Did King Khafre make the Khafre Pyramid?

Yes. Pharaoh Khafre presided over the construction of his mausoleum, the Khafre Pyramid.

What is the name of the second pyramid's?

The Pyramid of Khafre The Pyramid of Khafre

What year was the pyramid for khafre built?

During the reign of Khafre 2558-2532BC. If work started on the pyramid during the year of his ascension and it took 20 years to build it was completed in 2538BC.

How many blocks are in the pyramid of khafre?

About 2 million

Was menkaure the son of khafre?

Yes, Menkaure was the son of Khafre.

Who made Khafre's pyramid?

The pyramid of Khafre was built by thousands of slaves

How many people built Khafre's pyramid?

About 6,000 to 10,000 people.

How long did king khafre rule for in egypt?

Khafre ruled Egypt for 26 years during the 4th dynasty. He was known as a cruel ruler, and is credited with being the pharaoh who built the second largest pyramid in Giza.

Who was khafre?

Khafre's son was Menkre builder of the third and smallest of the Giza pyramids