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They are modern. Ancient Egyptians did not make brooches.

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Q: How old are Ancient Egyptian brooches?
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Where were ancient greek brooches used?

Brooches were used to pin and hold together clothing. Brooches are basically like safety pins but from Ancient Greece times.

What was the ancient Egyptian name of the old leader?

The Pharaoh.

What is a palla?

A palla is a rectangular piece of cloth worn by ladies in Ancient Rome, fastened with brooches.

How is old Norse religion similar to ancient Egyptian religion?

They are both polytheistic.

Who used ancient Egyptian harps?

An ancient Egyptian harpist

What was the main What was the main concern of the ancient Egyptian civilization?

Ancient Egypt is very old and it talks about ancient history and why they use pyramids as tombs

Name 3 ancient time periods in ancient Egyptian history?

New Kingdom, Old Kingdom and Middle Kingdom.

What can Evelyn read and write on The Mummy?

Ancient Egyptian

What is the Ancient Egyptian God Zyopt of?

There is no ancient Egyptian god Zyopt.

How does ancient Egyptian music differ from modern Egyptian music?

how did ancient Egyptian life differ from ours

Is malaria an ancient Egyptian disease?

Yes, malaria IS an Ancient Egyptian disease.

Were the building of Ancient Egyptian homes influenced by Ancient Egyptian religion?