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basically, the Romans did not let everyone participate in the government i.e. voting and such. they operated like our congress/senate; the people elected people to represent them in the government

the athenians let people vote on matters rather than have just representatives vote for them.

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the democracy was differnet because they are 2 different things! the republic is in rome and in rome theres a law that goes with the democracy so thers a big difference!

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Q: How was athenian democracy different from Rome's republic?
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How was Romes democracy?


How was Romes democracy in the early years?

harry styles is the best

What is Romes type of government?

Rome is the capital of Italy and Italy is a democracy.

What was romes first law code called?

Roman Republic

Where did republic start?

Republic started in Rome. It worked in Rome because of Romes large society.

What was romes influence on the government and democracy?

Rome's influence is minimal. The Romans system of government was different than the modern ones, stemming from an ancient society which was totally different than ours, and unsuited for modern societies. The period of the Roman Republic had a degree of democracy. The popular assemblies elected the officers of state and voted on bills. However, despite this, Rome was an oligarchy, where the aristocracy and the wealthy elites wielded power. Moreover, the system of direct democracy, where the people voted on bills themselves, of both the Greeks and the Romans was rejected in favour of representative democracy, where bills are voted by elected representatives, such as congressmen, MPs or senators. The officers of state, unlike in the Roman Republic, are not elected. They are appointed by the government. The Roman Republic was a source of inspiration for the independent city-states of Italy in the Middle Ages, whose systems of governance was modelled on that of this republic.

What are some causes of Romes development from republic to empire?

because Julius Caesar took power as a dictator

Why isn't Romes empire not a real democracy?

Because the women and slaves couldn't vote.Only the men that were not slaves could vote.

What was romes first written law code called?

law of the twelve tables.

What is the birth name of Charles Romes?

Charles Romes's birth name is Charles Michael Romes.

How tall is Charles Romes?

Charles Romes is 6' 1".

What was the form of government etablished by the romes after they drove out the last etrscan king?

they established the republic.they established the republic.they established the republic.they established the republic.they established the republic.they established the republic.they established the republic.they established the republic.they established the republic.