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The language of ancient Rome was Latin. English is an evolved language based on Latin, German, Spanish, Gaelic, French, and numerous colloquialisms.

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Q: How was the roman language different from English?
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Which script English language is written in?

The script of English language is Roman

What is it called when a different language is written with English alphabet?

The English Language uses the Roman Alphabet. Normally it is not noted when another language is written using the Roman Alphabet. Sometimes it is noted when referring to the Romanian Language. In Romania, the Roman Alphabet is used. In Moldavia, the Cyrillic Alphabet is used for the same language. Since all Western European Languages, except for Greek, use the Roman Alphabet, normally no one mentions it.

Did ancient Greeks write in English?

No. The ancient Greek did not use the English language. Because there was no English language in that time. English language derived from Latin which was the official language of Roman Empire and the Roman Empire is the successor of ancient Greek the golden age of Greece.

What language made its way into the English language through the roman empire?

Latin derived words made their way into English through the Roman empire.

Why do Roman Numerals have English letters?

It's because the English language is in part derived from the Latin language and Latin was the language spoken by the Romans.

What languages come from the language of the ancient Roman Empire?

The Romans did not influence English and Greek. They influenced Spanish, French and modern Italian. The Greek language was around before the Roman language, and English is a Germanic language not Roman. The most popular languages at the time where Roman, Greek, and German. Roman- Spanish, Modern Italian, French German-English, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, Finish, Polish, Czech, Greek- Roman, Spanish, Armenian, Albanian, ect.

What language was most often used in the roman empire?


What is different between Nepali and English?

English language is international language. Nepali language common medium language.

Why is the roman alphabet important?

English, the universal language of the globe today, uses the Roman Alphabet.

How do you say Roman Numerals in the Roman language?

First of all, The ancient Roman language is Latin and different to Italian. Second, Numeris Romanis.

Why do Japanese letters look so different to English letters?

Japanese Letters are written in a different traditional style than the English language. Japanese is written in the roman alphabet and each letter stands for a sound. Japanese sentence structure is much different then the English structure.

What is different about Itlalian an English?

Italian is considered a "Romantic" language, whereas, English is a "Germanic" language.