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The trojan horse was a trick invented by Ulysses/Odysseus in order to sneak the Greeks past the impenetrable walls of Troy. As the story goes, the greeks pretended to give up and packed up their camp and sailed away out of sight of the rest of the Greeks, leaving behind a giant wooden horse. The horse (the symbol of Troy) was taken into the city of Troy as a sign that the Greeks had given up, and all of Troy celebrated the end of ten years of seige. That night, while everyone was sleeping, Greek soldiers crept out of the belly of the horse in which they had been hidden, opened the gates for the rest of the Greek army which had been hiding nearby, and destroyed the city.

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Q: How was the wooden horse untiluized in the torjan war?
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In what war did a wooden horse play a role?

Trojan War

What happened to the mycenaeans after the torjan war?

they lost their mind

What is the torjan war?

It was a fight between the Greeks and the Trojans

What giant wooden is associated with the Trojan war?

The Trojan Horse.

What giant animal is associated with Trojan war?

A wooden horse.

How can you practice tacking a horse without a horse?

Build a wooden horse. Hey, it worked during the Trojan War!

Which giant wooden animal is associated with Trojan war?

The Trojan horse .

What one of these object was used at end of the Trojan war?

wooden horse

What Greek was left behind with the wooden horse in the Trojan war?


What happened in the a pause of the Trojan War?

They built a wooden trojan horse

What gift was given by the Greeks to Troy that ended the Trojan War?

a wooden horse

What is the tomb of Poseidon?

The Tomb of Poseidon was the name of the wooden war horse the Trojans used in the Trojan War.