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There were at least eight different books of law in Ancient Egypt. The laws were based on right and wrong - heavily utilizing common sense to help decide moral values. Everyone except slaves were viewed as equals and were tried thusly, although if a person was sentenced, his family usually suffered the guilt of the crime as well.

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The Laws are enforced by the pharoah and the gods

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They were enforced by the pharaoh and nomarchs that were gods of small provinces and nomes

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Q: How were laws enforced in ancient Egypt?
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Who enforced laws in ancient Greece?

Usually the emperors army or militia

Who made the laws in Ancient Egypt?

It was mainly the Pharaohs.

What are enforced laws?

Laws that call for punishments or fines are 'enforced' laws.

How did people know what the laws were in Ancient Egypt?

Papyri survive that outline laws and courtcases.

What tools did people use to kill peasants with in ancient Egypt?

They wouldn't kill the peasants! They had laws in Ancient Egypt, it was a civilized society.

How laws were decided upon in ancient Egypt?

They were dictates from the Pharaoh.

How was ancient Egypt governed?

It had Kings and counsels that made laws

What laws did Alexander the Great make in ancient Greece?

Alexander the Great ruled Egypt not Ancient Greece.

What type of laws do Egypt have?

Of course. Every country that has ever existed has had laws. In Ancient Egypt, there were numerous codices of the Pharaoh's edicts and those of his ministers.

What was the name of the person who recorded the ancient laws of Egypt?

if you were talking about the bible, the moses

How are government important to Ancient Egypt?

they look over the laws the pharaoh wants and they pick good laws for the country .

How are laws passed and enforced in Algeria?

Laws are passed and enforced like they are in any part of the world.