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The Roman Empire came to include the whole Mediterranean area including Greece, and the Romans soon loved everything Greek, also their gods and the myths about them. The Romans just took the Greek Gods and the myths about them, Romanized their names and claimed them as their own.

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When the Romans took over parts of Greece, they also adapted their gods but gave them different names. Educated Greeks were made slaves to Roman families that used them as tutors.

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Q: How were the Greek gods taken over by the Romans?
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Who was the ruler of the gods Greek or the Romans?

Greeks were the first people to create the myths about gods Romans stole them and changed them when they took over Greece.But the father of the gods was Cronos the titan lord of time and the titans ruled before the gods.

How were roman gods related to the greek gods?

They were not; they came from two different peoples, and when Romans took over Greece their gods and goddesses were adopted and adapted to the Roman people.

Why was king Tutankhamun one of the last pharaohs?

Egypt was being taken over by the Greek- Romans by this time.

Who came after ancient Greece?

After ancient Greece, the Roman Empire came to power and became the dominant civilization in the Mediterranean region.

Who did the Romans draw much influence from?

The early Romans were influenced by the Sabines, Etruscans and Greeks. Over time the influence of the former two waned and the influence of the Greeks increased. The Romans adopted the architectural styles of the Greeks and copied the statues of the Greeks. They adopted some Greek gods and many Greek myths and liked their gods to the Greek ones. The Romans also adopted Greek medicine, some Greek games and the Greek catapult. The earliest professional teachers in Rome were Greeks. The Roman elite looked up to the Greeks. They received an education in both Latin and Greek and the pinnacle of their education was a stay in Greece to study Greek philosophy.

Why do the Greeks have the same types of gods and goddesses as the Greeks exept with different names?

I asume you meet to put Romans and this was because when the Romans took over Greece they adopted Greek culture but put it in their own language. The Romans also added some new gods like Bellona the goddess of war.

What happened to the Romans?

Western Rome was taken over by the Barbarians. Eastern Rome was taken over by the Ottoman Turks.

Who were the Gods that the Romans worshipped?

The Romans originally took the Greek gods [im greek, and we're awesome like that] before it was; first roman, then greek. btw: thirteen gods on mount olympus; Dionysus, greek god of celebration and wine, came later. i know im greek. and watDionysusApolloDionysusApolloCeresDemeterDianaArtemisJunoHeraJupiterZeusMarsAresMercuryHermesMinervaAthenaNeptunePoseidonVenusAphroditeVestaHestiaVulcanHephaestusThe ancient Romans worshiped pagan gods & goddesses. Many of them were borrowed from the Greeks. The Romans gave them new names, as example the Greek Zeus was the Roman Jupiter.Later, Christianity was a "State" religion. This entailed worshiping the Father, Son & the Holy Ghost.

Is Zeus a mythical god?

Yes, Zeus is a mythical god in Greek mythology. He was the king of the gods, ruling over Mount Olympus and the sky. He was known for his power, lightning bolt, and role as a father of many other gods and goddesses.

How is Greek mythology connected to other things?

Greek history is very old and very wide spread, it was a Greek - Alexander the Great, who rode to conquer the world. This spread Greek religion, what we call Greek Mythology over the world and the Greeks mixed their gods with other peoples and the Egyptians - and in turn, when Roman rose as a Empire their gods and goddesses were renamed by the Romans who kept the Greek myths intact and added to them.

Who is the chief of the gods in greek mythology?

Zeus ruled over the gods on Mount Olympus.

How did the greek gods and goddess obtain Roman names?

The names by which the Romans called the Greek gods and goddesses are their own gods and goddesses who they associated with those of the Greeks, over time the two became so entwined that today they are viewed as "another name" of one god; when it is important to remember they were originally separate deities and have sometimes widely different habits and beliefs that surround them.