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Q: How your society has evolved barbarism to civilization?
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What word means opposite of civilization?


What is the term of the civilization?

To bring out of a state of barbarism or ignorance.

What is a sentence for barbarism?

Their barbarism is well noted.

What is the opposite of culture?


Greek civilization up to the Hellenistic era?

the civilization of greek life,as organized around the city state of the early 5th century was only doubtfully civilized,to the north and west lay greek speaking barbarism

When was Socialism or Barbarism created?

Socialism or Barbarism was created in 2001.

When did the ancient civilization end?

It didn't it just evolved.

Is barbarism an adjective?

No, it is a noun. A related adjective is barbaric (evincing barbarism).

How many pages does Socialism or Barbarism have?

Socialism or Barbarism has 126 pages.

How does a society contributed to the development of civilization?


What civilization influence today's society?

western civilization

Was slavery an inevitable stage in society's development?

Slavery was not an inevitable stage in society's development. It was a practice that arose for economic and social reasons but has been shown to be detrimental to both individuals and society as a whole. Many societies have evolved beyond reliance on slavery and have recognized its ethical and moral implications.