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Q: Humans first planted gardens in which region of the world?
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First planted into humans in 1958?

No. God planted the first human named Adam in a soil in the Earth in 1511 B.C.

What was the first crop to be planted by early humans and how long ago was that?

1000 years ago

Where did the first humans come from (Region of the world)?


Should tulip, daffodil, and crocus bulbs be planted in the fall, and, if so, how late can they be planted ?

They should all be planted before the first heavy frost which may vary depending on which region you live in and various other reasons.

What state was the first potato planted in?

Idaho is the state were the first potato was planted.

When was the Pohutukawa tree first planted?

it was planted in 1840

Who planted the first ever plant?

Steven Briand planted the first plant in 1862.

Where in the world was asparagus first grown?

Ancient Rome and Greece planted asparagus. It was growing wild in the Mediterranian region The name came from a Persian word.

What was made at victory gardens?

The Victory Gardens were gardens that had vegetables planted at the homes of Americans. English people also planted gardens if they had the seeds. The families planted whatever vegetable they like or whatever seeds they could get. Any gardens with too much vegetables grown were passed out to others who needed vegetables, such as elderly people, disabled people, and people who did not have gardens (such as apartment dwellers). Some people had berry bushes and fruit trees so they would share the fruit with others or sell it. __ Victory gardens were also popular in Australia, NZ and Canada. The first VG (Victory Gardens) were dug in England in Oct 1939. People were encouraged to plant all free green spaces with whatever vegetables they could. The British government published a pamphlet called Dig For Victory telling people how to do it and advising them what would be good to plant. The following veggies were planted: Potatoes, Carrot, Turnip, Parsnip, Runner, dwarf and broad beans, Shallots, Onions, Tomatoes, Marrow, Radish, Parsley, Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Sprouting broccoli, Kale, Swede, Globe beet, Spinach, Lettuce.

Which group of people first planted grape vines?

which group of people first planted grape vines?

Where was the first potato planted in the US?

the first potato planted in the US was in New Hampshire.

Did the Roman or the hanging gardens of Babylon have the first reversed water system?

The gardens had waterways to get water to the gardens as the roman did.

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