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None of them was a real person or being. They are creations of human beings. You might note that Janus was a Roman god.

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Q: In Greek mythology are the gods Janus and Hecate real?
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What are some minor gods in Greek mythology?

Well,some are Gaea,Hestia ,and Janus.

What is Janus' the Roman god Greek name?

Janus, the Roman god of beginnings, transitions, and passages, does not have a direct counterpart in Greek mythology. However, he is sometimes associated with the Greek god Hermes due to their shared roles as guides and protectors of travelers.

What earlier civilization did Rome copy most of their gods from?

Every thing from Roman mythology has a Greek counterpart, except Janus who was the god of beginnings and endings.

Is Janus a minor Greek god?

Janus is a Roman god, and not minor to the minds of ancient Romans.

In Greek mythology which of the gods or goddess was not born to be immortal?

None of them. Gods and goddesses have to be immortal in Greek Mythology.

What is the greek mythology in Percy Jackson and the Olympians?

"Percy Jackson and the Olympians" is a series of fantasy novels that incorporate Greek mythology into modern storytelling. It follows the adventures of Percy, a demigod, who discovers he is the son of Poseidon and gets entangled in the world of Greek gods, monsters, and prophecies. The series creatively weaves together classic myths and characters with contemporary settings and themes.

What gods in Greek mythology died?

Gods do not die.

What in Greek mythology is rome?

Greek mythology is about the ancient Greek gods. Rome was not an ancient Greek god.

What is the name of the belief of greek gods?

Greek Mythology.

Do the gods in Greek mythology existed?

The gods in Greek Mythology were just legends. Such as Atlas the god that held the earth and sky, and Zeus the god of all gods.

What did Romans do to Greek Mythology?

The Romans, simply put, took Greek mythology and renamed the gods.

How did Greek mythology influence roman mythology?

Many Roman gods were direct copies of Greek gods simply renamed; as in Zeus becoming Jupiter, Hades becoming Pluto, etc.