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On the Olympus.

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Q: In Greek mythology did the gods live on mount Sinai or mount Olympus?
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How did Mount Olympus fall?

In Greek mythology Mount Olympus did not fall.

What mount is the home of greek mythology?

Mount olympus

How do you get on top of mount Olympus on mythology?

Well,according to Greek Mythology no mortal could never reach the top of Mount Olympus.

What is the sacred peak in Greek mythology?

Mount Olympus

Why is mount Olympus fames?

It is the home of the Greek gods in mythology.

What does mountain have to do with Greek mythology?

Mount Olympus is where the gods lived.

Are there stories told about mount Olympus?

Yes. In Greek mythology.

What is the name of the Greek mountain where the gods were supposed to live?

In the Greek mythology, Mount Olympus is symbolically the home of the Twelve Olympians, the principal gods in the Greek pantheon.Mount Olympus

What The home of the most powerful gods was .?

Mt. Olympus.All the gods of the Greek pantheon lived on Mount Olympus.

What is Named after a mount which is home of the gods in greek mythology?

Mount Olympus is the home of the Greek gods. Maybe the Olympics?

What is the resting place of the gods in greek mythology?

Mount Olympus was where the Greek gods supposedly lived

What was home of the most powerful gods?

Mt. Olympus.All the gods lived on Mount Olympus