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The Black-haired nine is a name for the Muses.

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Q: In Greek mythology who wrote about The black haired nine?
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How old are the stories from Greek Mythology?

Greek mythology is very old. Hesiod wrote some around 700 B.C.

Is Homer is greek mythology?

Homer was a blind poet who wrote the Odyssey and the Iliad. Both of these books had bits and pieces of Greek mythology in them.

Who wrote a series of books about greek mythology?

rick riordan wrote the perseus jackson and the olympians series

Who wrote Greek Roman mythology?

Greek mythology is compiled by the thoughts of many writers; some of the most famous authors are Sophocles, Euripedes, Ovid, Homer, and Virgil.

Anne frank wrote that she was the first adolescent toi become madly interested in?

Anne Frank wrote in her diary that she was the first adolescent to become madly interested in psychology and Greek mythology.

When is Greek mythology?

Greek mythology has been around since Ancient Greece; about 400 B.C.Answer 2:No, no! Much earlier. Homer wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey about 800 BC, and the myths were old then.

Who was the author of the Judgment Of Paris?

It's ancient greek mythology. No one actually "wrote" it. It just came to be.

Who wrote poems about Roman mythology?

Ovid, wrote the retelling of Greek and Roman myths. Virgil wrote the Aeneid, which is an Epic Poem. Plenty more but those are the most famous known to me.

Why did they use Greek language on myth?

Nobody deliberately learned Greek just to write Greek mythology. The Greek people spoke, read, and wrote in the Greek language, and were from an area known as Greece. They also happened to write a lot of mythology that we still read today. To the Greek people, writing stories in the Greek language was just as natural as us writing in English.

Who is the principal Greek writer of mythology?

There are many writers who kept a history of Greek mythology, but the most famous of them is Homer, said to be blind, who wrote the Iliad and the Odyssey. The Iliad was considered such a brilliant piece of work that many Greeks knew the epic poem by heart.

Was Homer a religious figure in Greek mythology?

homer was an ancient greek author, not a greek god. he wrote about them in his works

How old is Hermes?

Well the oldest book to have been wrote about Greek Mythology, Which includes Hermes was as far back as 1178 BC so as of now in 2010 he would be 3188.