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Oratory (the art of manliness)

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Q: In ancient Athens what was the systematic study of oratory called?
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What were middle class people in Athens called?

Middle class people in ancient Athens were called metics

What is the name of ancient athens's temple?

It was called the Acropolis :-)

In ancient Athens what were the great teachers called?

Socrates, Plato and Aristotle.

What is Athens called today?

Athens is still currently called Athens due to the Greek legend that portrays Athena outsmarting Poseidon in a competition for the beautiful city.

What were common people in ancient Athens called?

If they were male, free and 18 or over, citizens.

Why was the government of ancient Athens called direct democracy?

The people directly chose their king.

Is Athens a city of Macedonia?

Although Macedonia was larger in Ancient times than it is now, Athens has never been within its borders. At the time, the part of Greece Athens is in was called Hellas.

A hilltop fortress in ancient Athens that includes the Parthenon and other famous buildings is called?

The acropolis

What are ancient Romans called?

Ancient Romans are called Romans, after their capital city, just as other ancient peoples were called after their own capitals. Such as Romans from Rome, Alexandrians from Alexandria, Athenians from Athens, Spartans from Sparta, etc. etc. etc.

What is an oratory or minor church in a palace called?

Chapel Royal

The art of skillful speaking is called what?

Oratory or Oration

Which city-state was called the school of Greece?

No city-state had that ''title'' but many of the great ancient thinkers were from Athens.