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Some Gods favored the Greeks, others the Trojans. Athena favored the Greeks when she helped Achilles fight and kill Hector.

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Q: In the book The Iliad did the gods favor the Trojans?
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What gods were in The Iliad?

On the side of the Greeks are:On the side of the Trojans are:AthenaAphroditeHeraApolloPoseidonArtemisHermesLeto

Why did some of the gods favor the Trojans?

Because the Trojans worshiped them, or had had a hand in building Troy.

Where were the gods having their meeting in the book The Iliad?

The gods were meeting on Mount Olympus, their spiritual home.

What gods favored the Trojans?

because trojans were the warriors and protectors of the gods

How were Gods divided during the Trojan War?

i don't know them all, these are just the ones listed in my copy of The Iliad: favored the greeks: poseidon hera athena hephaestus favored the trojans: apollo artemis aphrodite ares hermes

What did the Trojans think the horse was?

A gift from the gods.

Which gods were for the Trojans and which were for the gods?

This question has no answer the Trojan was not a god it was a trap and Romans and Greeks were both for gods.

Who favored the Trojans in the Trojan War?

If you mean what gods favoured the Trojans- Aphrodite, Zeus and Apollo.

What are the two different ways that Zeus distributes gifts from the two great jars of fate in book 24 of iliad?

In Book 24 of the Iliad, Zeus distributes gifts from two great jars of fate to decide the fates of Hector and Achilles. Zeus shakes the jars to select the outcome: the golden talons for Hector's favor and the black fatal destiny for Achilles. This symbolic act highlights the idea of fate and destiny as predetermined by the gods in Greek mythology.

What is the difference between the Bible and The Iliad which the Greeks were convinced explained the Trojan war as others are that the Bible explains things?

The Iliad was long considered to have been a purely mythical account. Since then, the city of Troy, central to the Iliad, has been located and the book has been found by scholars to reflect life during the Greek Mycenaean period. Thus, the historical content of the book may have some factual basis. The Iliad also contains many accounts of the gods and is sometimes regarded, along with the Odyssey as the 'bible' of the ancient Greeks. As the question suggests, there are some parallels between the Iliad and the Bible. Having said that, it is a matter of faith whether to believe in the gods of the Iliad, and few do today.

Which gods were for the Trojans?

The Trojan War is a war that is written about in Greek Mythology. The gods that took the Trojans side were Aphrodite, Artemis, Ares, and Apollo.

Which story is about the gods testing a kings love for his people and family?