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Actaeon, the hunter, was torn apart by his own hounds, after he had been turned into a deer for having seen chaste Artemis naked.

Pentheus, the king of Thebes, was torn apart by maenads (female followers of Dionysus in a state of ecstatic frenzy) for having banned the worship of said deity in his city. In this act, the maenads were led by Pentheus' own mother, Agave.

They are similar in that in both cases the men in question are pulled apart by those who were previously loyal to them, now oblivious to their true nature; Actaeon by his hounds ('man's best friend') who did not see past the metamorphosis, while the Maenads, among which were close relatives, pulled Pentheus apart with their bare hands thinking he was a lion, and again he was killed by those close to him.

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Q: In what sense is pentheus death like actaeon?
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