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what year was the book metomorphasis written..

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Q: In what year was Ovids Metamorphosis written?
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What has the author Johannes Dietze written?

Johannes Dietze has written: 'Komposition und Quellenbenutzung in Ovids Metamorphosen' -- subject(s): History and criticism, Latin Fables, Metamorphosis in literature, Mythology, Classical, in literature

What has the author Kurt Zarnewski written?

Kurt Zarnewski has written: 'Die Szenerie-Schilderungen in Ovids Metamorphosen'

What was ovids route?


What has the author Walther Ludwig written?

Walther Ludwig has written: 'Miscella Neolatina' -- subject(s): Classical literature, History and criticism 'Struktur und Einheit der Metamorphosen Ovids' -- subject(s): Ancient Rhetoric, Fables, Latin, History and criticism, Latin Fables, Metamorphosis in literature, Mythology, Classical, in literature, Religion, Rhetoric, Ancient

What has the author Barbara Weinlich written?

Barbara Weinlich has written: 'Ovids Amores' -- subject(s): History and criticism, In literature, Latin Elegiac poetry, Latin Love poetry

What has the author Barry Gradman written?

Barry Gradman has written: 'Metamorphosis in Keats' -- subject(s): Criticism and interpretation, Metamorphosis in literature

What has the author Carroll Milton Williams written?

Carroll Milton Williams has written: 'The metamorphosis of insects' -- subject(s): Insects, Metamorphosis

What has the author Jon Hildahl written?

Jon Hildahl has written: 'Endocrine regulation of flatfish metamorphosis' -- subject(s): Somatotropin, Metamorphosis, Somatomedin, Atlantic halibut

What does brueghel painting include that is not mentioned in ovids myth about Icarus?

A ship

What has the author Jonathan Miles Halliwell written?

Jonathan Miles Halliwell has written: 'Metamorphosis and the dolphin'

What has the author Sarah Annes Brown written?

Sarah Annes Brown has written: 'The Metamorphosis of Ovid' -- subject(s): Appreciation, Classical Mythology, English literature, Great Britain, History and criticism, Influence, Metamorphosis, Metamorphosis in literature, Mythology, Mythology, Classical, in literature, Roman influences

How can you use the word metamorphosis in a sentence?

Winnifred went to the gym every day for a year and underwent a metamorphosis from a waiflike girl to an athletic woman.