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Scandinavians were one race of people in Northern Europe. These were known as Germanic tribes of people who were Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish.

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Q: Including Scandinavia what were the main races of peoples in ancient northern Europe?
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What peoples came to british isles after the Celts?

The Angles and Saxons came from Northern Germany And Denmark Then The Vikings came from Scandinavia.

Who made petroglyph?

There are many different sites of petroglyphs throughout the world. Some of these were made by Neolithic peoples and Paleolithic peoples. In Scandinavia they were made by ancient Norse during the Bronze Age.

What was the original homeland of the Germanic peoples called Cimbri and Teutoni?

Near the end of the first century BC Germanic peoples from Northern Germany entered areas near the northern frontiers of ancient Rome. These were Cimbri and Teutoni peoples. Why they left their homelands in the Jutland peninsula is unknown.

When was A Description of the Northern Peoples created?

A Description of the Northern Peoples was created in 1555.

The country in Scandinavia whose people came from Asia and whose language is related to Hungarian?

The country in Scandinavia that fits this description is Finland. The Finns are part of the Finno-Ugric group of peoples, with their language, Finnish, being related to Hungarian. This linguistic connection suggests ancient migration patterns from Asia to Finland.

Who is dedicated to the study of ancient peoples and artifacts?

archaeologists are dedicated to the study of ancient peoples and artifacts.

Who is dedicated to study of ancient peoples and artifact?

archaeologists are dedicated to the study of ancient peoples and artifacts.

Which giant structure was also built in Mexico and Central America by pre-Columbian peoples?

Pyramids were built by both the Ancient Egyptians and the peoples of Central America, including the Aztecs and Mayans.

Greeks differ from other ancient peoples?

Greeks better insure to be differed for other ancient peoples

The study of ancient peoples is called?

The study of ancient people is called Archeology. *correct spelling*

Why did the Germans begin to move south torward the Roman empire?

It is not known. It is possible that the areas of southern Scandinavia and northern Germany became unable to feed the Germanic peoples who lived there, forcing them to migrate. This might have been caused by climate cooling. Another possibility is that population growth led the peoples in question to seek to expand southwards.

Is Norse a country?

No, Norse is not a country. It is often used to refer to a historical and cultural category of people, language, and mythology associated with the ancient Germanic peoples of Scandinavia.