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Cronus is in the form of a human it is said that we were formed to look like him and his descendants

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Q: Is Cronus human-like or monster like?
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Antropology is the study of humans and humanlike creatures.

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Yes, they have very humanlike qualities such as phlanges, and if you have ever seen a baby ape, they seem to act like baby children.

Greek mythology who did Gaea ask to help save her monster children?

she asked Zeus to get rid of Cronus and in the process he freed Gaea's children

Study of humans and humanlike creatures?

Antropology,I LOVE It.

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Why did Poseidon hate cronus?

Poseidon hated Cronus because Cronus was the Titan Lord and the Lord of Time. Not to mention he was his father. When Cronus had children with his wife, the gods, he feared they would overthrow him like he did his father. So he ate them. Including Posedon. That doesn't exactlt create a good relationship. That's why Poseidon hates Cronus

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When did cronus die?

Cronus did not die.

How were the lives of Cronus and Saturn alike?

Saturn is Cronus. Cronus was his greek name, Saturn his roman name.