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Yes. Popular convention is that the foundation stories of Christianity should not be referred to as myths, but that the foundation stories of other religions can be. Thus the foundation stories of the ancient Greek religion are referred to as myths, or collectively as mythology. Further, the ancient Greeks often accepted their foundation stories as not being literally true, but symbolic. They saw no inherent difficulty in teaching myths to help in understanding their religion.

AnswerYes, mythology is the whole of stories about the Gods and Heroes that was paced down orally and later written down. While it is part of the Hellenic religion, it is not the same as the Hellenic religion.
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Q: Is Greek mythology part of ancient Greek religion?
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What is athena's religion?

Athena is a ancient Greek goddess and a part of that religion.

What is nike the goddess's religion?

Nike is a part of the ancient Greek religion.

Was Zeus a part of ancient Egyptian religion?

Zeus was the King of the Gods in Greek mythology, not Egyptian. The Egyptian ruler god was arguably the Sun God, Ra.

What religion did the God Ares follow?

In Greek mythology, Ares is the god of war and is worshiped by the ancient Greeks. He is often associated with violence, destruction, and the chaotic aspects of war.

Is the Greek goddess Artemis real?

The ancient Greeks believed that she did. Now most people do not take Greek Mythology as a religion any more, but part of our history. It's a matter of rather you believe in the ancient myths or not.

Ancient Greek Mythology and why was it important?

Hellenic mythology is the collection of stories about the Gods and Heroes that were passed down orally, and later written down. It is not the same as the Hellenic religion though, read these questions for more info:Is_Greek_mythology_an_ancient_religionIs_Greek_mythology_part_of_ancient_Greek_religionWhy_is_Ancient_Greek_religion_considered_mythologyIs ancient Greek religion deadWhat_Religions_Relate_to_Greek_Mythology

Does the kracken exist?

No, it doesn't. The kracken is just a part of Ancient Greek mythology.

What part did hades have in christian religion?

Hades is not a figure in Christian religion. In Greek mythology, Hades was the god of the underworld, while in Christian belief, the concept of hell is associated with punishment after death for those who have sinned. Hades and hell represent different beliefs and traditions.

Why isn't there a category for mythology in this application WikiAnswers?

You will find the WikiAnswers category 'Myths and Folklore' at the link below. Another place for mythology questions would be Ancient Religions, since Greek and Roman "mythology" was actually part of the religious beliefs of ancient Greeks and Romans. You can find Greek Mythology at 'History Politics and Society/Ancient History/Greek Mythology'.

When was Phaëthon born?

As he is a part of ancient Greek mythology, there is no way to tell the time at which he was born.

Are the 12 gods of Olympus a religion?

The 12 gods of Olympus are a part of Greek mythology rather than a formal religion. In ancient Greece, the gods were widely worshipped and played a significant role in both religious practices and daily life, but they were not organized into a single unified religion like modern-day belief systems.

Who named Cassiopeia?

Cassiopeia was named after the queen Cassiopeia in Greek mythology. She was the boastful and vain mother of Andromeda, known for her beauty. The constellation Cassiopeia was named after her as part of ancient Greek mythology.