Is Hera a Greek and roman name?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Hera is the Greek goddess of the heaven's, marriage and childbirth.

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Q: Is Hera a Greek and roman name?
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What was Hera's Greek name?

Hera/ 'Ηρα was her Greek name. Juno was her Roman name.

What was Greek name for Hera?

Hera is her Greek name, Juno is her Roman name.

What is Hera's name?

greek(Hera) roman(Juno) goddess of marriage, sister and wife of Zeus(greek) Jove/Jupiter(Roman

What was the Greek name of the Roman goddess Juno?

Juno's name in Greek mythology was Hera.

What was Juno's greek name?

Hera is the name the Greeks worshiped a similar goddess to Juno.

What is earths greek name?

The offitial name for Earth in greek is Hera

What is the Norse name for hera?

The Norse had no name for Hera. The Norse and Greek pantheons are vastly different, and there is no direct correlation between the two, as there are in Greek and Roman.

Why did Juno change her name to Hera?

Juno didn't change her name to Hera. Juno is simply the Roman equivalent of the Greek goddess Hera.

What does the god hera mean in roman?

Hera is a Greek goddess, and her name comes close to meaning "Air".

Is the greek goddess hera in any other cultures?

Hera was also in Roman mythology but her name was Juno.

What is the Roman name of Zeus' wife?

Juno.Zeus' wife is Hera. Hera's Roman name is Juno.junoZeus was the Greek name for the Roman Jupiter. Zeus's wife (and sister) was Hera, goddess of mothers, babies, fertility and children. All though she was not motherly at all times, she threw Hephaestus (Roman Vulcan) off a cliff because he was born unattractive.Hera's Roman name is Juno.Zeus' Greek wife is Hera. Jupiter's Roman wife is Juno.

Who was Wife of Jupiter?

Hera. (Juno is the Roman name for Hera.) Answer 2: The question is a mess. Jupiter is Roman, his wife is Juno. Zeus is Greek. His wife is Hera.