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do firon nail still grow

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Q: Is pharaoh's nails still growing
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Can kids get acrylic nails?

no because those nails are for adults and they're to big.

Do your nail still growing after you die?

Ur nails always grow.

Can kids get acrylics?

yes they can ... however when they are small and still growing their nails are still growing soo it would be healthier not to when their small .... And depending on the age

Does painting your nails stop your nails from growing?

No. The growing part is in back of your nails under the skin. The part that you paint is dead.

Do your nails stop growing?


Do nails ever stop growing?


Is there pharaohs still alive?


Do the egyptians still believe the pharaohs?


Do human nails stop growing?

No, human nails do not stop growing. Nails continue to grow throughout a person's lifetime, although the rate of growth may slow down with age. Regular nail trimming is necessary to maintain their shape and length.

Can nail glue stop your nails from growing?

yes it can, the chemicals in the glue, react with your real nails and cause them to stop growing. I supose it is useful for the glue to makeyour nails stop growing because if they grew under the fake nails, the real nail would grow above the fake one. I am quite young, I'm 11 and i only wear press on fake nails because i love my nails, but because my original nails grow slow i tend to wear fake ones, but at least the ones i use don't ruin your nails!

Is the nail alive or dead?

Nails are made of dead cells, so they are considered dead. The nail plate is composed of a protein called keratin, which is produced in the nail bed underneath the skin.

Why is there a thin layer of skin growing up your nails?

And how can I stop it?