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There is no Greek or Roman deity with this name. Perhaps you are thinking of Okeanos (Oceanus), who was the Titan that personified the oceans at the edge of the world.

Oceania is most usually identified with a region of the southwest Pacific Ocean.

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Q: Is the greek goddess Oceania a real goddess?
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Is Oceania a Greek goddess?

No Oceania is not a Greek goddess. Oceania is a region around Australia and New Zealand. But, if you were looking for Oceanus, then he is a Titan. The Titan of the seas and streams. Remember, Titans and gods are very different, so don't get confused with them.

Where Greek goddess real?

No. They were part of mythology.

Is nemesis the greek god real?

Nemesis, the Greek goddess, certainly can not be denied was worshiped in the ancient religion of the Greek people; in that way was real.

Are the gods and goddess of Olympus real?

They were real gods and goddesses to the ancient Greek people, yes.

Why is Edesia a Greek mythical goddess?

she is a mythical goddess because she is not real and Romans made up myths or fake stories about her

Who is Annabeth's real mother?

Athena, Greek goddess of wisdom and battle strategy.

Was Athena a real person?

No. She is a character from Greek mythology, goddess of wisdom.

Who is Sophia in Greek and Roman mythologies?

Sophia means "wisdom" in Greek; there is no real mythology behind this minor goddess.

Gods and goddess in Greek mythology true?

No, Greek gods and godesses aren't real. That is why its called mythology. However, the Greek people did believe it was real, and worshiped them and gave them offerings everyday.

Are Greek gods and goddess's real?

No they are not real, the Greek gods were used in ancient times to explain natural disasters or epiphenomena that people didn't understand before

What is the greek meaning of Oceania?


What is the Greek Goddess of Corn is?

The Greek goddess of corn is Demeter, the harvest goddess.