Is the ocean gods tears

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, Ocean are a tear from God/Buddhas', dropped from heaven (higher plane), that's why our Ocean waters are similar to Human's tear. Next time if you take a closer look at a drop of your tears, there might be whales lived on there !

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Q: Is the ocean gods tears
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with gods tears

Why were Odysseus eyes always filled with tears?

because he missed the gods.

What does a ocean rip look like?

ocean means samudra and rip means to tear so oceanrip means anything that tears the ocean.

What causes the ocean to be saltier than other parts?

Mermaid tears.

Did Greek mythology gods ever die?

Technically no, because the gods are immortal. But I guess they disappear if their domain disappears. Si if the ocean disappeared, Poseidon would too.

To which deity was the trojan horse dedicated?

Poseidon, God of the ocean and one of the three main Greek gods

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Where is the pacifica treasure hidden on endless ocean blue world?

in the cavern of the is kinda (not really) tricky to find

Is rain Gods tears?

No, rain is the result of water vapor in the atmosphere condensing into liquid form and falling to the ground. It is a natural phenomenon influenced by weather patterns, not connected to the emotions of a deity.

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