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While Poseidon was the protector of many Greek city-states, none were named for him directly.

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Well there is one city called peanus.

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Q: Is there a city state named after Poseidon the Greek god of the sea?
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Which state was named after the goddess Athena?

The Greek City-State Athens was named for Athena. Athena won Athens from Poseidon because her gift of the olive tree was favored over Poseidon's salt spring, the sea of Erekhtheis.

Why did Athena give the Greeks an olive tree?

Poseidon and Athena had a contest to see which god/goddess would have a Greek city-state named after them. Poseidon made a spring, and Athena gave them an olive branch.

The city of Athens is named after which greek goddes?

Athens was named after the Greek Goddess Athena. In Greek mythology, she and Poseidon competed for the city. Zeus challenged them to create something that would be the most helpful to the people of the city. Poseidon created horse. Athena created the olive tree. Since the tree created both fruit and wood, she won.

Who was the city Athens name after?

The Greek city Athens was named after Athena. She and Poseidon fought over who would rule the land and Athena won, therefore the city was named after her.

Who hated Poseidon?

Poseidon was hated by Athena, the greek goddess of wisdom, crafts, and warfare. They had both wanted the city Athens to be named after them so they held a contest, but Athena won and so the city was named after her. So therefore they are enemies

What Greek city-state was named after Athena?


What similarities do the Greeks and the Athenians have?

well i think that we have similair laws!

What city state is Poseidon?

Poseidon had a favorite city, Athens. As you may have guested Athens is the Greek goddess' Athena, goddess of wisdom. Poseidon and Athena fought for Athens but, in the end Zeus gave it to Athena.

Does Poseidon have a city or temple named after him?

no he does not atlanta is for athena who battled poseidon for it.

What city state is name after the goddess Athena?

The Greek city state Athens is named for Athena. This was because Athena was the patron goddess of Athens.

What Greek king was the ancient city of Byzantium named after?

The city of Byzantium is named after the Greek Byzas.

What was a major fight agent Poseidon and Athena?

Poseidon and Athena both wanted to be the protector god of the biggest Greek city. The king decided that the winner would be the one who gave the greatest gift to the city. Poseidon created a well on top of the Acropolis. Athena planted an olive tree. The people liked the olive better, Athena was the winner and the city was named Athens after her.